Why Should PCBA be Cleaned?

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2023-10-05 18:26:20

In the PCBA processing process, many technologies will cause a certain degree of pollution to the PCBA. The presence of these pollutants will not only affect the appearance of the PCBA, but also negatively affect the performance of the PCBA. Therefore, it is very important to clean the PCBA.

PCBA pollutants mainly include polar pollutants, non-polar pollutants and particle pollutants.

Polar pollutants are mainly oxides of electronic components or PCB, active agent residues in flux, sweat or fingerprints of operators, and solder residues. Such pollutants will cause the component pins to be corroded, and will also cause the PCBA circuit to fail, and will also cause delamination of the PCBA and the conformal coating.

Non-polar pollutants are mainly rosin residues in flux, adhesive residues, operator fingerprint grease, and anti-oxidation oil residues. Such pollutants will affect the conductivity and reliability of PCBA, and will also reduce the effect of conformal paint.

Particle pollution mainly refers to dust, solder residue, and glass fibers produced during drilling. The presence of such pollutants may cause poor electrical properties of the PCBA, resulting in a short circuit of the PCBA.

The most intuitive effect of the existence of residues is the appearance of PCBA. Pollutants like flux residues, fingerprints, etc. can make a PCBA look terrible. If it is cleaned, it will increase the aesthetics of PCBA and leave a good impression on customers. Pollutants such as tin slag, oxides, and rosin residue will affect the performance and reliability of PCBA. Therefore, whether it is for the appearance of the PCBA or for the performance of the PCBA, the PCBA must be washed.

Commonly used PCBA washing methods mainly include manual cleaning and machine washing.

Manual cleaning generally uses cleaning solutions and cleaning brushes for cleaning, while machine cleaning generally uses ultrasonic cleaning equipment for cleaning. No matter which cleaning method is used, it must be cleaned in time. If the pollutants exist for a long time, it will definitely affect the performance of the board.

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