Five Methods to Remove PCB Tin Slag

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2023-11-07 17:56:42

In the PCB manufacturing process, solder paste or tin wire is usually used to solder components on the PCB in order to achieve circuit connection and electrical performance. However, during the PCB manufacturing and assembly process, there will inevitably be waste and residue of solder paste or tin wire, and these excess tin slag will have a negative impact on the performance and reliability of the PCB. So how to remove excess tin slag on PCB?

1. Manual Removal Method

Manual removal is a simple and primitive method of removal. It is primarily done manually, using hand tools to remove excess tin slag. For example: scraper, brush, spray gun, etc.

Advantages: Simple and easy to operate, no equipment and materials are required, only operators with certain skills and experience are required. It can also be personalized for different PCB and tin slags, with high flexibility and plasticity.

Disadvantages: It is inefficient, error-prone, and low-precision, and if it is not cleaned thoroughly, it may leave some tiny tin slag and stains, which will affect the quality and reliability of the PCB surface.

2. Solvent Removal Method

The solvent removal method mainly uses a solvent to dissolve or separate excess tin slag through chemical reactions. Commonly used solvents include acids, bases, organic solvents, and the like.

Advantages: It has high removal efficiency. The cleaning process will not cause damage to the PCB surface, and is suitable for various PCB and tin slags. And the solvent removal method can also add some surfactants or emulsifiers to improve the cleaning effect and stability.

Disadvantages: It has low safety, complex operation, high cost, etc., and due to the uncertainty of chemical reactions, there are certain differences in the removal effect.

3. Adhesive Tape Removal Method

The adhesive tape removal method mainly achieves the purpose of automatic removal by attaching the adhesive tape to the surface of the PCB and sticking the excess tin slag to the tape.

Advantages: It has high removal efficiency, high removal accuracy, and is suitable for all kinds of PCB and tin slag, etc. And the adhesive tape removal method can realize continuous automatic removal, improve production efficiency and quality stability.

Disadvantages: Its cost is relatively high , and for some relatively small tin slag or difficult-to-reach locations on the PCB surface, the adhesive tape removal method may not be suitable.

4. Aerosol Removal Method

The aerosol removal method mainly sprays a chemical cleaning agent on the surface of the PCB, and then washes off the excess tin slag from the surface by compressed air.

Advantages: It has high removal efficiency and high removal accuracy, and is suitable for various PCB boards and tin slag, etc. Moreover, the aerosol removal method will not cause damage to the PCB surface, and the dissolving power and fluidity of the cleaning agent can also be effectively controlled.

Disadvantages: Its equipment costs are high, the operation is complicated, and it has certain impact on the environment and health, etc.

5. Paint removal method

The paint removal method is a relatively new method of removal. It mainly achieves the purpose of cleaning by applying a layer of coating on the surface of the PCB, and then peeling off the excess tin slag and the paint after the paint is dry.

Advantages: It has high removal efficiency, high removal accuracy, and less impact on PCB surface and environment, etc. And the paint removal method can be customized according to different PCB boards and tin slags to improve the removal effect and stability.

Disadvantages: Its operation is complicated, requires certain technology and experience, and the cost of coating is relatively high.

For the above methods of removing excess tin slag, we need to choose different methods to remove them according to the actual situation and requirements of production. At the same time, no matter which method is used, issues such as safety and environmental protection should be paid attention to.

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