Application of FPC in Intelligent Robot

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2024-01-09 18:20:50

FPC plays an important role in intelligent robots. Through flexible circuit connections, it not only realizes the communication and cooperation between various parts of the robot, but also provides a solid foundation for the functions and performance of intelligent robots. Do you know what applications FPC has in intelligent robots?

1. Joint Hinge

The joints of intelligent robots usually require flexible motion and posture adjustment. FPC can be used to connect joint parts to realize electrical signal transmission and mechanical connection.

2. Sensor Connection

Intelligent robots need to perceive the environment through various sensors, such as visual sensors, sound sensors, touch sensors, etc. FPC can be used to connect these sensors and transmit their signals to the control system for processing.

3. Actuator Connection

The actuators of intelligent robots include motors, servo drives, etc. FPC can be used to connect these actuators to achieve precise control of mechanical components.

4. External Device Connection

Intelligent robots may need to be connected to external devices, such as display screens, cameras, speakers, etc. FPC can be used to connect these external devices to realize functions such as information display, image acquisition and sound output.

5. Power Supply

Intelligent robots need a stable power supply, and FPC can be used to connect batteries or power modules to transmit power to various electronic components.

The above are just some common examples. In fact, there are many applications of FPC in intelligent robots. The specific application depends on the function and design requirements of the robot.

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