Precautions for Using SMD Adhesive in PCBA Processing

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2024-05-28 18:05:22

In PCBA factory, in order to prevent components from falling off or shifting during the wave soldering process, it is often necessary to use SMD adhesive to fix the components on the PCB board. So what should you pay attention to when using SMD Adhesive in PCBA processing?

1) The purchased SMD adhesive should be placed in a refrigerator below 5°C and stored in a low-temperature seal. And do a good job in registration, pay attention to the production date and service life. It is also necessary to note that large quantities of incoming goods must pass inspection before they can be put into storage.

2) After taking it out of the refrigerator during use, it should be restored to room temperature for 2 to 3 hours to allow it to equilibrate with room temperature before opening the container to prevent the SMD adhesive frost from absorbing moisture. Please pay attention to the type and viscosity of the SMD adhesive when using it. For newly replaced SMD adhesives, pay attention to tracking the first products to observe and confirm its actual performance.

3) SMD adhesive that needs to be dispensed should be filled with a clean injection tube. The filling should not exceed 2/3 of the volume and should be deaerated. Do not mix adhesives of different types and manufacturers. When changing types, all tools in contact with the adhesive should be thoroughly cleaned. The SMD adhesive left in the original packaging container after use should still be stored in a low-temperature seal.

4) The amount of SMD adhesive should be controlled appropriately. If the amount is too little, the bonding strength will be insufficient and components will be easily lost during wave soldering. If the amount is too much, the SMD adhesive will flow onto the pads, hindering normal welding and causing inconvenience to maintenance work.

5) When using, attention should be paid to checking the diameter of the adhesive dots. Generally, 1 to 2 test adhesive dots can be set up at the process edge of the PCB board. If necessary, you can place 0805 components and observe the changes in the diameter of adhesive dots before and after curing, so that you can truly know the quality of the SMD adhesive used.

6) PCB with applied adhesive should be mounted and cured in time. In case of special circumstances, the adhesive dispensing should be suspended to prevent the adhesive spots on the PCB from absorbing water vapor and dust in the air, resulting in a decrease in patch quality.

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