What is the PCB ENEPIG Technology?

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2022-09-20 17:53:01

In the PCB production process, the purpose of surface treatment is to ensure good solderability or electrical properties, so it is one of the important steps. At present, the common surface treatment methods on the market include spray tin, immersion tin, immersion gold, etc. It is relatively rare to use ENEPIG for surface treatment. What is the PCB ENEPIG technology?

ENEPIG is a chemical palladium slot between chemical nickel and chemical gold. Compared with other surface treatment methods, ENEPIG has the advantages of stable durability, excellent solder resistance, good compatibility, high plating flatness, and suitable for high-density pads, so it can be used in more precise PCB. The welding performance is also better.

At present, the most widely used immersion gold technology is to wrap a layer of nickel-gold alloy on the copper surface to protect the PCB for a long time. Compared with immersion gold, ENEPIG can prevent the corrosion phenomenon caused by the replacement reaction and be fully prepared for immersion gold. The gold then covers the palladium tightly, providing a good contact surface.

Because the ENEPIG technology has certain requirements on the process capabilities of PCB manufacturer, this technology is not common, resulting in many companies unable to find suitable PCB manufacturers.

Now, HoYoGo has met the requirements for the ENEPIG technology, and has completed production and delivered to customers. At the same time, HoYoGo also has an excellent and stable quality system that supports various complex technologies, such as custom lamination structures, ultra-thin boards, large-size boards, and more.